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Actis CRM software application for iPad tablet PC

A modern CRM need to allow all end users to have the ability to interact with the system to both add data and to interrogate for up to date commercial information. actisCRM allows rapid interaction through the off line iPad Application and, instant up to date reporting through innovative iPad analytics. With the advent of Closed Loop Marketing the burden of reporting calls has become a thing of the past with all contact and customer profiling automatically recorded and made available through Digital touch screen technology.

actisCRM is the market leading system for UK Pharma. More than 25 companies enjoy the huge benefits that the use of this cutting edge system can deliver a Salesforce with huge commercial benefits.

  • Customer Relationship Manager application for iPadVery easy for end users with off line iPad capability
  • Powerful inclusive analytics
  • Unique list searching with Data Explorer
  • Ability to include Account Science the market leading Account Planning Tool
  • Cloud enabled base system keeping costs low
  • Used in Europe with all languages available
  • Closed Loop Marketing
I have used 5 CRM systems since I've been in the industry and Actis is in a different classRBM Major Pharma
The Actis system is simply fantastic... So easy to use and useful for planningMR Training Course - Sept 2013
Thank god someone knows how to build a good CRM toolNSM major Pharma - April 2013