Develop your Talent

Employee development and progress tracking software application

Successful companies need an effective way of measuring the development of Talent within their organisation.

Software to monitor sales staff efficiency and career developmentOften important discussion between Manager and Subordinate are at best captured on paper or an E Mail, or at worst not captured at all which can lead to employees lacking clarity as to their strengths and weaknesses. Often lack of clarity with regard to developmental needs and future prospects can lead to looking for a career elsewhere.

Perform offers an opportunity through a simple but powerful off line capability to capture all Coaching interactions, whether they are Field Visits, Developmental Discussions, or full reviews. All employees can monitor their own development and understand ways to improve performance and develop their career.

  • Allows all employees to track their own development
  • Generates powerful reporting to allow the Company to track progress
  • Allows 180 feedback regarding Coaching Standards
  • Utilises automated presentation of developmental material
  • Can be used 'Off Line'