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Years’ Experience

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Actis CRM, our cutting-edge solution

Actis is the market-leading pharmaceutical CRM system. Companies, with sales forces that range from contract teams to complex multi-discipline European teams, currently enjoy the huge benefits that our cutting-edge system delivers.

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Why us

What makes Actis different?

  • Agile

    We work closely with our customers, fine-tuning our offering to fit your requirements exactly.

  • Smart

    We are adaptable and resourceful, answering customer challenges to simplify and unify your CRM environment.

  • Trusted

    We are a capable, reliable and expert partner, always delivering in your best interests.

About us

Providing cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions since 2001.

Actis is an established pharmaceutical software company with over two decades of experience, providing high-quality pharmaceutical marketing solutions to enhance company sales and marketing effectiveness.

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