About us

Providing cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions since 2001.

Actis Sales Technologies is an established pharmaceutical software company, providing high-quality marketing solutions for over two decades.

We work with all pharmaceutical companies that require modern systems and technologies, helping to enhance their sales and marketing effectiveness.

We do this through our cutting-edge solution, Actis CRM.

Enhancing commercial excellence

Our dedicated team of professionals understands the intricacies of the pharmaceutical sector and the importance of building strong relationships with healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders.

We aim to maximise your capabilities with our perfect solution. Our pharmaceutical marketing solutions are designed with end users in mind, delivering what you need now and developing as your business changes.

Actis CRM

Actis CRM, our cutting-edge solution

Actis is a smart, agile pharmaceutical CRM system. More than 25 companies, with sales forces that range from contract teams to complex multi-discipline European teams, currently enjoy the huge benefits that our cutting-edge system delivers.

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Our guiding principles

At Actis, we are reliable and flexible to your needs, always innovating and collaborating with clients to achieve success in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Flexible

    We work closely with our customers, providing first-class support and fine-tuning our offering to fit your requirements exactly.

  • Robust

    We have proven time and time again that we can deliver solutions to customer specifications and within strict deadlines.

  • Innovative

    First to market with innovative ideas and pharmaceutical solutions, we work with and support modern pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

  • Successful

    We offer a hands-on approach, providing key answers to customer challenges and adding real commercial value to businesses.