Add a new employee

Add a new joiner to CRM to give them access to customer and location records and to any pre-booked calls and meetings

  1. From the menu select Administration, Employee Administration
  2. Use the search function at the top of the hierarchy tree to find the region or territory they will be working and click to select it
  3. Click the Add New Employee action
    Add Employee
  4. Complete the form details. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk
  5. Click the calendar button to set the new joiners start date
  6. The authorisation and authorising limit is set by default – this is a system setting which ensures meetings go through the proper authorisation process. Both limits can be overwritten with other values if necessary.
  7. Click the Insert button to add the new employee to the hierarchy tree.

If the start date is in the future, the employee icon will be shown in green and the employee will have no access to the system until the icon changes to blue on their start date.

Important: All new employees are automatically assigned the password “password”. They will need to create their own password at first login.