Advanced search

Search by territory or off-territory nationally/globally and convert your data lists from one entity to another, i.e. search for locations or meetings and display the result as a customer list. You can also view the system structure and search for a brick, geography or area.

From the main menu select Home, Advanced Search
Click the link to Advanced Search underneath the search on the header bar

Advanced search
  1. Click on the entity icon to select the search and type all or part of the word you’re looking for into the search field
  2. Leave the Convert criteria alone if you want the results to display as they were selected originally, i.e. search for customers, display as a customer list
  3. Click the convert icon to select the results output
  4. Click the down-arrow and select the display list type from the drop-down list
  5. Click the Territory button to search in your area only, or click the National button to search all off-territory areas
  6. Click the Go button to view the results
  7. Limit your off-territory (national) search further using the options on the right-hand side of the page
  8. Type either a brick code or place name in the Find field. The results will be displayed as a drop-down beneath the Find field.
  9. Select the required brick or place and the tree structure will open to display which territory or geography the brick can be found in.
  10. Open the tree structure yourself to select a brick or place
  11. Click the Go button to view the results
  12. Filter and select from the list to carry out actions as required