aPureBase validation reasons and actions

aPureBase provides a reason for accepting or rejecting each data change request. The reasons will indicate the action required (the reasons you see will be similar to those shown below)

StatusReason (Notes)Action
SentSent and awaiting a response from third party data providerNone
AgreedThird-party data provider has agreed change or agreed change with amendmentsSelect item, check response and click Archive Selected Items
Rejected – out of scopeThe customer or location is not included in subscribed data setSelect item, check response and click Archive Selected Items
RejectedDuplicate (The customer or location is already included in the data set so the new record will be merged with the existing record)Select item, check response and click Archive Selected Items
RejectedCheck notes – provide further requested informationSelect item, click Resend with Comments and provide the requested information
RejectedCheck notes – cannot be verified (customer will remain active in the system, but will not be given an aPureBase ID)Select item, check response and click Archive Selected Items
RejectedPerson refuses to be integrated in the database (Data Privacy law) *Select and open record. Inactivate customer with the reason Cancellation Requested

Rejection codes will be found in the notes column. Pay attention and action effectively:

  • The last rejection notice requires you to inactivate the customer – * this is a legal requirement as the customer has refused to be included in the database under the data protection regulations.

To filter the list:

  1. Click the Filter button at top-right in the list header
  2. In the filter box, select Status from the Select Column drop-down box
  3. Check the Contains radio button
  4. Type the rejection code in the field and click OK

Important: * aPureBase will reject customers should the individual be protected by data protection law. (No aPureBase ID will be given)
It is a legal requirement that you deactivate the customer.