Authorise or decline the meeting

Meetings that exceed the cost authorisation limit must be approved by a manager.

  1. Open the meetings list and click the Submitted button in the Legend to limit the list to those meetings that require authorisation only
  2. In the Parameters section of the Action tab, select Requiring Authorisation from the drop-down list. The list will be limited to those meetings which fall within authorisation limits
  3. If necessary, click in the Display Meeting With field and select a suitable view from the drop-down list available.
  4. Select the meeting from the filtered list and click Open Meeting on the Actions tab.
  5. Check the meeting details, working through the records on the Navigation tab.
  6. If the meeting satisfies requirements click Authorise Meeting on the Actions tab.
  7. If the meeting does not satisfy requirements, click Decline Meeting on the Actions tab and then click in the Manager’s Comments field and type a reason for the decision.
  8. The meeting status will change.

A declined meeting can be edited and resubmitted.