Changing third-party data

Customer and Location data which comes from a third party can be found in the Customer and Location records on the General and More pages. All of the information can be amended at any time, but will need to be validated.

  1. Open the customer or location record
  2. Edit the data in any of the shaded fields
  3. Click Save & Exit to close the record
  4. Amendments to any of the shaded fields must be validated so the change is recorded and sent to the data provider with a message which can be edited
  5. Any text pre-filled in the message will be relevant to the customer or location record details that have been changed. Click in the field and add any further information that will help your data provider validate the change. Generally the requests are validated by phone so provide a phone number for the customer, department or location if possible.
  6. Click the OK button to send the validation request.

The same validation process occurs when a new customer is added to a location or if a new location is added to actisCRM.

Important: Changes made to third-party data will not become permanent until the validation process is complete, i.e. once the source has verified the requested change. For this reason, the third party data fields will revert to their previous contents and changes will only become fixed after the next data update.

Adding new customer or location records to actisCRM is a permanent entry to the database. These new records may subsequently receive a third-party ID and thereafter can be amended and verified following the normal process.