Channel Preferences/ePermission opt-out

Customers may wish to opt-out of your mailing list and there are several ways that this wish could be communicated to you:

The customer opts-out via their ePermissions webpage

The customer can access their ePermissions webpage at any time via the link on both their original email and confirmation email they received when they first set their ePermissions

The customer selects Opt-out and clicks the Update Preferences button

MA webpage optout

All other choices are deselected automatically

The ePermissions selection is changed automatically on the Marketing and Access page of the Customer record and the customer’s email address is removed. The Consent Evidence start date is amended to the date the preferences were changed

The customer will receive an email confirming they have been opted-out

The customer opts-out via an unsubscribe link on a communication from your organisation

The unsubscribe link is generic, rather than personalised, and will take the customer to a login page where they will be asked to enter their email address.

MA webpage login

The email address will be checked to ensure it matches with the email address recorded in actisCRM

If it doesn’t then the customer will receive a message to let them know the email address was not found and will be able to try again

If the email address does match, the customer will be taken directly to their webpage where they can change their preferences as above

The customer will receive an email confirming they have been opted-out

The customer opts-out via a written communication directly to you or your organisation

If a customer writes to your organisation directly requesting to be removed from the mailing list, then your actisCRM administrator has the permissions to do this. To comply with GDPR these requests must be acted upon in a timely manner.

  1. Open the customer record
  2. Navigate to the Marketing and Access Page
  3. Tick the Opt-out checkbox
  4. Delete the customer email address from the Email Address field
  5. In the Consent Evidence section change Type from ePermissions to an option that matches the opt-out communication received from the customer, i.e. email, written, etc
  6. Click the Browse (magnifying glass) button next to the Attachment field and browse your computer to find and upload the opt-out communication from the customer
  7. Click the Calendar button next to the date field to set the date that the opt-out instruction is effective from
  8. Click in the Notes field and type any relevant comments
  9. Click the Save or Save and Exit button to confirm all changes
MA page4

The customer is opted-out automatically

If your organisation has set a limit on the duration ePermissions are valid for, customers will automatically be opted out by the system on the period expiry date

The Marketing and Access page will change on the customer record to show that the opt-out was set by the system, the customer email address will be removed and the consent evidence start date will update to display the date the change was made

The customer is made inactive

The inactivate customer process overrides any ePermissions set and inactive customer records do not appear in any customer list or searches unless specifically requested