Close week

Close week is used to record the days spent working on territory which, together with confirmed calls and meetings become part of the activity reporting within actisCRM (call rates).

Close week ensures that:

  • All activities for the week have been recorded
  • All working days on territory have been accounted for
  • Any spec appointments that were not completed are removed from the diary

It is good practice to ensure close week is completed correctly for each week. Days can be finalised separately or in groups (finalise multiple days).

Important: Close week must be provisionally set in the diary before calls and meetings can be uploaded from actisCRM Offline (Actis iPad app)

Close week can be accessed from the diary Actions tab or from the menu

Close week menu

The close week screen will open, the close week codes will be shown as a red circle and all actions will be available:

Close week screen

The drop-down menus for each morning and afternoon provide choices for both working and non-working time.

Set Provisional: Close week with provisional codes. Adding meetings, spec or confirmed appointments to the diary may require provisional codes to be set. Provisional codes will change to an orange circle. Click the Save and Exit button to confirm.

Set Finalised: Close week with finalised code. Finalised codes will change to a green circle and all confirmed calls and meetings will be included in activity reports.

Select the morning and afternoon activity from the drop-down choice available and click the Save and Exit button to confirm.

A warning message will appear if the diary contains unactioned calls. Click the Cancel button and exit the close week reporting process to action the calls appropriately.

Close week diary

Alternatively, click the OK button to continue and unactioned calls will be removed permanently from the diary and activity reporting.

Close week message

Set Whole Day: The default position is off, but switch on where the same value is to be used for each whole day of the reporting week. The PM column will become inactive and the days’ activities will be recorded in the AM column only.

Previous Week: Navigate to the close week screen for the previous week.

Next Week: Navigate to the close week screen for the next week.

Update Multiple Days

Alternative bulk update options are available by expanding the close week window. This can be used to quickly record holidays, etc.

Close week multiple days

Use the radio buttons to select the period that the AM and PM activity should apply to.

Select the AM and PM activity from the drop-down list options.

Click the Apply button.

Important: Depending on your actisCRM set-up, Close Week reporting may be compulsory. If this is the case a reminder will appear at the top of the screen on the contact or meeting record and you will need to set provisional codes in order to proceed. Remember to finalise the week to ensure calls and meetings are counted for reporting purposes.