Complete a remote call

The Pending Workflow Tasks button on the header bar will let you know if remote calls or meetings require your action.

Workflow pending icon

A Workflow Task will be created for calls where:

  • You need to add information in order to complete the call
  • Close week codes have not been added to the diary covering the date the call was carried out

Important: If provisional Close Week codes are already added to the diary, and there is sufficient information from Agnitio to complete the call, then it will be added directly to your diary with no further action required.

Important: If finalised Close Week codes are already added to the diary, the week must be re-opened before the workflow task can be completed.

In the workflow task list, find the call you carried out earlier
The Task Type will let you know the action required, i.e. Update contact

Workflow task list2

Click to highlight the call in the list

Click Open Tasks on the Actions tab

Workflow actions

Complete any necessary fields on the contact record, i.e. notes, products detailed, etc

Check all other details, i.e. the contact time

Click the Save and Exit button to close the budget

The completed call will be added to your diary

Important: Details of the presentations used during the call will be added to the contact record at the next synchronisation