Convert an unnamed (location) call to a customer call

Planned location calls can be converted to a customer call once the customer has been seen. This is especially useful when you plan speculative calls, but who you will be seen is yet unknown.

  1. Record a future unnamed call and ensure the call appears in your diary
  2. After the call has taken place, open the contact from the diary and complete the call as follows:
  3. Click the Add/Edit Customer button.
  4. The Customer Selection List will open at the correct location. Search the list and click to highlight the name of the customer seen.
  5. Click the Select Customer button to add the customer name to the call record.
  6. Untick the Future Appointment checkbox, complete any notes and click the Save and Exit button to complete the call.

The contact has been changed to a customer call which is reflected in the dairy and in reports.