Create a favourites list

Customers can be added to the Call to Action list, but what about other types of record? A short favourites list for other entities can also be created which is especially useful for meetings scheduled soon as those records need more frequent editing.

Each time you open a record in CRM, a link is created back to that record. Links for the last 10 entity records opened can be pinned to create a favourites list that can be accessed again and again.

  1. Open and work on the relevant record (customer, location, contact, meeting, etc)
  2. Save any changes
  3. From the menu select Home, Recently Used
  4. Click on the icon to select the entity
  5. Click the Pin button associated with each record to fix the item to the recently used list.
  6. Each time you want to access the record again, return to the Recently Used list and the pinned items will remain
  7. Click on the record link to open it
  8. To remove the record from the list, click the Pin button again