Create a new target and values

Create a target which will allow employees to group customers, locations or accounts that share similar needs that your company hopes to serve, i.e. customers most likely to prescribe your product, accounts where you wish to win formulary status, etc.

The overall target has a name, and the values are how you segment that target. It might be as simple as a Yes value, or more complex with several choices, e.g. gold, silver, bronze values, etc.

Targets and their values can be used in Data Explorer searches to generate lists for call planning, and in reporting for analysing contacts against targets.

From the Administration menu select Target Administration.

Target menu

Click to select an entity (Customer, Location, Account) to view either existing targets and values, or to create new ones.

Create new target

Click the down arrow button to open the actions associated with Targets.

Target create

Click Add Target on the Actions tab and create a name for the new target.

Target add

Click the OK button to create the target

The target will appear as a blue disk with a 0 inside. This number will increase as records are flagged as targets.

Add values

Once the target has been saved, further actions become available and values for the target can be set up.

The values appear as radio buttons on the entity record that can be checked to indicate that the customer, location or account is part of the target group.

Click to select the target and the colour will change from blue to yellow.

Target add value

Click Add Value on the Actions tab and type a name for the value in the Add new target Value box.

Target create value

Click the OK button and it will appear as a value associated with the target. The Target Value will now appear as an option on the entity record.

Add target flag

Employees can flag their targets themselves or, if you wish Actis to upload a pre-defined list of targets, then please contact us directly for further information.