Create a Sendinblue marketing mailing list

Your actisCRM service must be configured to integrate with the Sendinblue digital marketing platform. The level of integration available depends on the Sendinblue subscription level that your organisation has chosen.

The easiest way to create a segmented and targeted mailing list is in Data Explorer using the various searches and filters provided.

Think about the Channel Preference filters you need to use, i.e. if your campaign is by email, then you’ll need to ensure your list contains only customers that have selected this an an option and have provided an email address.
Similarly if your marketing message is to be sent by SMS, then your list will need to contain customers that have provided a mobile phone number.

Open the result list and change to Customer – Channel Preferences view

Channel Preferences List

When you’re happy with your resulting list, click the Add all to Sendinblue List action


Click or Ctrl+click to highlight customer name(s) and click the Add to Sendinblue List action to add the selected customers only.

Add to Sendinblue Actions

The Sendinblue Customers Management box will open

Either select a folder from the list that appears, or click in the Enter new folder name box to create a new folder. Click the + button to add the new folder to the list.

Important: Folders are a way of grouping your mailing lists together for a specific reason, i.e. you might cover several therapy areas, so you could have a folder for each.

Now select the mailing list you wish to add the users to from the list that appears, or click in the Enter new mailing list name field to create a new mailing list.

Click the + button to add the new folder to the list.

Sendinblue screen

Once you’re happy with the folder and mailing list selection, click the OK button to transfer the list to Sendinblue.

Use all of the features included within your Sendinblue subscription to create and send your message.

All messages sent via Sendinblue will be recorded against the customer record in actisCRM.