Create a task

Tasks record activities which are personal to the user and are never connected to a Location or Customer record.

Tasks can be configured to measure time spent on internal activity where that is measured by the organisation. Where this is the case, an additional Task Type field will be added to the contact record. Some or all task options may be available depending on your system set-up.

Reminders can be set which will display each time a new actisCRM session is opened.

  1. From the diary click the Add Task action to open the task record.
  2. Complete the subject, type, start and end date and time, and any notes for the task
  3. Tick the Reminder checkbox and set the reminder period using the period and interval boxes, i.e. a period of days and an interval of 4 would mean that the reminder will appear on the launch screen four days before the task is due (reminder days include weekends).
  4. Click the Save and Exit button and a message will display at the bottom of the screen to confirm that the task has been saved.

The task will be added to the diary and to the task list, and reminders will appear when they are due each time actisCRM is launched.

Task list 1