Data Explorer – ePermissions expiry search

To find customers nearing their ePermissions expiry date

Your organisation may have included a rule that permissions are automatically disabled once the ePermissions have been in place for a certain amount of time – e.g. ePermissions may be valid for a period of 2 years.

The date the ePermissions are set is recorded on the Channel Preferences page of the customer record and is, therefore, a searchable field.

  1. Open Data Explorer
  2. Select the Customer Entity and click the OK button to start the search with the customers that you have access to
  3. In the Categorisation or All section select the next search: Consent Evidence Start Date
  4. Select the search criteria from the options available.

Example: Your ePermissions last for 2 years so you may want to speak to customers about ePermission renewal up-to six months before their permissions expire. In this case the search would be: Show me all customers who set their ePermissions more than 18 months ago:

DX MA expiry search

Click the OK button to carry out the search
Click the total number to view the resulting customer list

Important: Switch the list type from Customers to Customers – Channel Preferences to view the ePermissions choices or for Marketing Department use.