Data Explorer – getting started

Data Explorer provides a quick way of searching entity data by dividing it into subsets that you identify. It’s a powerful search that allows you to ask questions of the data to produce the list you need.

All Data Explorer searches work in the same way and begin with an entity. The entity is the largest amount of data available for searching.

Data Explorer is accessed from either the large button on the home page
from My Data on the menu bar

Data Explorer will open at the entity screen which will only include the entities relevant to the modules you have installed – you may have some or all the entities shown below:

DX Entities

The search session will be carried out on the data that you have access to.

Please note the following terminology:

  • Session is the complete analysis on the entity data set you select
  • Search is each individual element which combine to make the session

Important: A search can be saved as a favourite, but a session cannot.

Select the entity from where you want to start your search. The entity icon will move to the right of the screen and the Data Explorer window will change to display the Action tab and the search criteria options.

Entity start

Click the OK button to show the complete list or click the down arrow to display the advanced options. The options available will depend on the data you have access to.

Entity start advanced

Click the + button to open out the structure and tick the checkbox to select the bricks or territories you wish to analyse.

Tick the Include Inactive Customers checkbox if you wish to include the in your search

Tick the National Search checkbox if you wish to include data from outside of your area.

Click the OK button to display your initial data set

All the actions and the search criteria will become active.