Data Explorer – search Agnitio contacts

Data Explorer is accessed from either the large button on the home page


from My Data on the menu bar

Open Data Explorer and click the Contacts icon

DX Contacts

In the Your Contacts box click the OK button to start the search

Now search by Type which can be found in the Categorisation section

In the box that appears, select the contact type: Agnitio

Click the OK button to carry out the search

DX Agnitio Contacts

The number that appears represents all the Agnitio contacts made on your territory*

Click on the number to display the contact list

* To find your own contacts, or just those made by a single user, add a further search from the All section: Recorded By (Active Emps)

The list can be sorted and filtered as required To limit the search to contacts made during a particular time frame, add a further search from the All section: Date Range