Deactivate an employee

Once the employee has left and all outstanding calls and meetings have been finalised and reported, the employee can be deactivated and removed from the hierarchy tree

  1. From the menu select Administration, Employee Administration
  2. Use the search function at the top of the hierarchy tree to find the employee name
  3. Click to select the employee
  4. Click the Deactivate Employee action
  5. The end date will automatically be set to the employee’s leaving date which you previously specified.
  6. Any accounts, meetings or appointments not previously transferred will appear and should be moved to the replacement employee (see below – Transfer future appointments to another employee)
  7. If any unclosed days remain, click the Close with Defaults button (the default is On Territory) OR click the Cancel button to stop the deactivation process and close the week correctly using the View As function.
  8. Click OK to confirm that the employee should be deactivated
  9. The employee will be removed from the hierarchy tree

Important: Do not overtype the leaving employee’s name with their replacement as this would cause confusion with reporting and the correct allocation of activity.