Download customer and location data

New data can be downloaded whenever there is an active and stable Internet connection. Depending on the amount of data required, the download may take some time.

Important: Data in actisCRM Offline will not refresh automatically. Not downloading new data periodically could result a data mismatch that causes the contact upload to fail.

Tap Download Data and click OK to the warning message that appears.
Select the areas to be accessed from actisCRM offline. The areas displayed will be the same as those accessible in the full online version of actisCRM.
Tap + next to each area name to expand the selection.
Tap On/Off at the top of the list to Select All OR tap On/Off next to individual geographies to select specific areas.
All the customers and locations from the selected geography areas will be included in the download.

offline download data

Tap Download

offline download data2

A message will confirm when the download is complete.

offline download complete

Tap Done when the download is complete and the home page will open.

Once data has been downloaded you can work offline and only connect to the Internet again to upload your contacts and to download new or updated geography lists.