Email contact searches

All Sendinblue marketing communications are recorded as customer contacts with the type: Marketing Event.

The marketing event type can be used as a search criteria in both reports and in Data Explorer.

  1. Open Data Explorer
  2. Select the Contact entity and click the OK button to start the search with the Contacts that you have access to
  3. In the Categorisation or All section select the next search: Type
  4. Select the search criteria from the options available: Marketing Email
  5. Click the OK button to carry out the search
  6. Click the total number to view the resulting contact list
DX Marketing event contact search

Add more criteria from the All section to refine your search further:

Notes: This will be the tag you added when you set-up the mailing in Sendinblue

Date Range: Specify the date on which the mailing was sent. This can be an exact date or a from-to date range