Estimating meeting expenditure and number of attendees

Once the meeting details have been added to the General page, estimate the meeting costs and number of attendees before submitting the meeting for approval.

Important: A budget must exist before any expenditure, estimated or actual, can be attributed to a meeting.

In the meeting record, click the Navigation tab and click Costs. The Expenditure screen will open:

Meeting expenditure

Estimated Number of Attendees: Click the field and type the number of attendees expected at the meeting

Click the Add button on the Budgets line to add the estimated costs. The select budget screen will open:

Meeting Select budget

Budget: Select from the drop-down options. 

Estimated Cost: Type the estimated cost of the meeting.

Click the OK button to save.
The budget line will complete and the estimated expenditure will calculate the cost per head based on the budgeted cost declared.

Click the Add button to estimate further expenditure allocated to a different budget.

Click the Edit button to change estimated costs.

Meeting Add Budget

Once the estimated cost and number of attendees is complete, the meeting form is ready to be submitted for approval.