Glossary of terms used in actisCRM and Account Science

 Actis Term Definition
 Access A rating of how easy it is to get to see a customer
 Actions What you can do with the open record
 Adoption Pathway The stage of product awareness that the customer has at each call
 Appointment A future call or contact with a single customer
 Brick The most common type of geography unit used – roughly equivalent to a postal area
 Call A face-to-face meeting with a single customer
 Contact Any interaction with a single customer, e.g. face-to-face call, email, telephone call
 Call to Action / CTA  A list of customers created by the user for some follow-up activity, e.g. call planning
 Customer An individual person (health care professional), linked in CRM to a location
 Detail The product discussed during the call or meeting
 Detail position The order in which the products were discussed
 Employees / Emps actisCRM users
 Geography area A collection of geography units.
 May be geographical or may be related to the health service
 Geography unit The smallest geographical area defined in the system that contains customers
 and locations
 HCO Health Care Organisation
 HCP Health Care Professional
 Information / Info Facts required by your company that you gather. Information is added to a separate
 page of a record, e.g. customer Information, contact information
 Location A building or place where customers work (Health Care Organisation)
 MAT Moving annual total
 Meeting A face-to-face meeting with multiple customers that often incurs expense
 Navigation How you move around the various pages of the open record
 Objections The reason the HCP has for not using your product
 Record (noun) The form that holds information, e.g. the customer record, the location record.
 A record can be made up of a number of pages
 Record (verb) The act of completing a form, e.g. to record a meeting, to record a customer contact
 Search Method of finding customers, locations and other items within the software
 Speculative / Spec A call that is planned or made without a confirmed appointment
 Target An indication of importance. Targets are defined by your company and can be applied
 to customers, locations and accounts
 YTD Year to date (1 January to today)