Meeting expenditure

Meeting expenditure is defined in two ways:

  • Costs are incidental expenses that do not need to be reported for ABPI compliance
  • Payments are expenses that could be deemed to be influential to the business and are reported to ensure compliance, e.g. speaker fees.

Payments must be made to a customer or location.

Meeting expenditure is accounted for from the budget. Different budgets can be used for different meeting types. Depending on your system set-up you may be required to use single or multiple budgets and to record costs and/or payments.

Budgets, costs and payments included in the meeting record can be edited or removed at any time but cannot be changed once the meeting record is closed.


  1. From the meeting record, select Costs from the Navigation tab.
  2. Click the Add button and define expenditure. The Meeting Costs screen will open.
  3. Select the type of cost from the drop-down list
  4. Type the actual cost of the item. This should match any receipts you have.
  5. Click the Insert button to add the cost to the list. Add further costs in the same way.


Payments are made to a customer or to a location.

  1. From the meeting record, select Costs from the Navigation tab.
  2. Click the Add Customer Payment button or Add Location Payment button and select the customer or location from the screen that appears. The payment screen will open.
  • Customer/Location Name: The customer or location name will be shown as a link to their actisCRM record.
  • Reporting Date: The date the payment is considered chargeable. The default is the meeting date.
  • Agreement: Depending on your system set-up this may be mandatory. If so, click the Add button to add an agreement to the customer record, or click in the field to select from the drop-down options.
  • Payment Type: Select from drop-down options.
  • Status: Select from drop-down options.
  • Amount: Click in the field and type in the payment amount. This field will only accept figures to two decimal places. Do not use currency symbols.
  • Disclose: Checkbox is ticked by default for reporting purposes.
  • Confidential: Tick the checkbox to ensure that payment is not visible to other teams in actisCRM.
  • Notes: Click in the field and type any information relevant to the payment.

Click the Save or Save and Exit button to save the meeting payments.

Important: If the customer (person) or location cannot be found in actisCRM, then add them before any payments are recorded:

  • Add a new customer via the Record a Customer Call button on the home screen.
  • Add a new location from the main menu: My Data, Add Location.