Meeting status

The status of a meeting indicates whether it can be edited or not

The meeting status can be found around half way down the General page. It updates as the meeting moves through the submission, authorisation, and completion to close process.

Meeting status

Created – saved but not yet submitted for authorisation

Submitted – submitted for approval. Depending on your set-up, meetings with an estimated cost under a certain limit may be automatically approved by the system. Submitted meetings cannot be edited until they have been approved to declined

Withdrawn – changes the meeting status from submitted to created for further editing. The meeting must be re-submitted after changes are made. Depending on your system set-up this option may not be available

Authorised – estimated costs have been approved by the authorising manager. The meeting record can be edited to add costs, payments and attendees prior to closing

Declined – the meeting has been rejected by the authorising manager. The meeting can be edited and re-submitted if necessary

Closed – the meeting has been finalised and no further edits are possible

Re-opened – the meeting has been re-opened for editing. Note that the date, time and products detailed cannot be edited.

Important: You may need to remind your manager to authorise the meeting in order for you to complete and close the record.