Merge duplicate customers

A customer has been included twice, either at the same location or at different locations

Customers can only be merged where they are both attached to the same customer record. You may need to move a customer to the correct location before you carry out the merge.

Merging records will move all information from the source record to the destination record where the information does not already exist. No information will be overwritten. Calls and Meetings are unique, so all historical and future contacts and meetings will be moved from the source to the destination record.

  1. Find and open the location record
  2. On the Navigation tab click Customers
  3. In the customer list select the two customers to be merged‚ first the source record (the one you want removed) and then the destination record (the one you want to keep)
  4. Click the More button and select Merge Customers on the drop-down list
  5. OR
  6. Click Merge Customers on the Actions tab
  7. Confirm that Merge (source record) and Into (destination record) fields are completed correctly
  8. Tick the Delete after Merge checkbox if the record is to be deleted
  9. Untick the Delete after Merge checkbox if the record is to be made inactive
  10. Click the Merge Customers button
  11. If you chose to delete the record after the merge, then you will be asked to confirm the action
  12. Click the OK button
  13. The merge will take place and a message will confirm the process completed successfully
  14. Click the OK button
  15. The customer list will refresh and the source record will be removed

Important: If your company subscribes to third-party data (Binley’s, Cegedim, etc) then the record with their ID will be retained.