Merge target values

As your targeting strategy changes you may wish to reduce the number of target values, without reducing the number of flagged customer, location or account targets.

In this case you can merge target values together, effectively moving the flagged targets from one value to another.

Click to select the target or value indicator that you wish to merge – this is the value from which data will be cleared.

The target or value indicator will switch from blue to yellow and the relevant actions will become available.

target merge

On the Actions tab, click Merge Value Data.

From the drop-down list select the value you wish to merge the data into – this is the value that will receive the data.

target merge2

Click the OK button to confirm the change.

The value data (number of flagged customers, locations or accounts) will be moved. The number on the first selected value will change to zero, and the number on the second selected value will increase by the data moved.

The flagged customer, location or account records will update accordingly.

Important: Merging value data will not remove or delete any target values.