Move employee

An employee may transfer from one area to another, perhaps taking over a vacant position.

Important: This is a permanent move and once completed, the employee will no longer have easy access to any customer and location records for their previous area, although they can still be found using the Advanced Search functionality. Future appointments will remain allocated to the employee and be visible in their diary.

  1. From the menu select Administration, Employee Administration
    Use the search function at the top of the hierarchy tree to find the employee name
  2. Click to select the employee
  3. Click the Move Employee action and in the box that appears, select the territory you wish the employee to have access to
    Move employee
  4. Click the Territory drop-down to select the territory the employee will be moved to
  5. If it does not appear, then click the Show All Territories button to increase the list
  6. Click the Calendar button and select the date the employee will move to the territory
  7. Click OK to confirm.