Off-territory meetings

Off-territory meetings occur when you need to use your budget for a meeting that is outside of your territory area. This most commonly happens when you cover a meeting for a colleague.

Important: Off-territory meetings should not be linked to a location unless you are using a regional or national budget.

From the main menu select Meetings, Add Meeting

The meeting record will open

In the Where is the meeting going to be? section, ignore the Location Name field

Meetings off territory

Click in the Venue Name field and type the name of the meeting location

Click in the Geography Unit field and from the drop-down list, select the geography closest to the meeting venue.

Important: The Geography field is mandatory, so you will not be able to save the meeting record without completing it. The listed areas cannot match the location as they are all within your territory.

Complete all other mandatory fields and click the Save button before moving onto the Costs page.

Because the geography selected is within your territory, you will be able to use your territory budget.