Planning a meeting

Meetings are set-up and added to the diary in advance. This will give you time to obtain any expense authorisations required before the meeting takes place.

There are several ways to set-up meetings in actisCRM:

  • From the main menu, select Meetings, Add Meeting
  • From the meetings list, click Add Meeting on the Actions tab
  • From a locations list, select a location and click Book Meeting on the Actions tab
  • From a location record, click Book Meeting on the Actions tab

Each of the above methods will open the meeting record, but when a meeting is booked from a location list or record, the meeting location will be pre-filled.


When you know the attendees, meetings can be planned in the diary using the Call to Action list

From the Planning tab, ctrl+click to select multiple customer names and drag the names to the appropriate timeslot on the diary.

Meeting planning

Complete the meeting record that opens in as much detail as possible, paying attention to mandatory fields and navigating through the meeting pages as required.

Click the Save & Exit button to return to the diary, or submit the meeting following the process outlined in the meeting handbook.