Planning customer appointments

Adding planned confirmed or speculative appointments to your diary is simple once you’ve built your Call to Action list

From the diary, click the Panning tab to open the list of customers previously added to the CTA list.

Move through the diary to view the correct dates.

Plan an Appointment

From the Planning tab, click and hold on the customer name and drag the name to the appropriate timeslot on the diary.

Planning call

The contact will appear in the diary timeslot that corresponds with the top of indicated area and will be entered as a Speculative Appointment. This means that the call will need to be completed once it has taken place.

If the customer name is dragged into date in the past, the contact will record will open and the call can be completed in the usual way.

Edit a Contact Entry and Complete the Call

Date and time changes to a call entry in the future can be made directly in the diary.

Click and hold the entry and drag it to the new date and/or time.

Changes made in the diary will automatically be reflected in the call record.

Important: Entries cannot be moved to a date or time in the past.

All other changes including completing a call must be carried out in the call record.

  1. Select the entry in the diary and click the View/Edit Contact action OR right-click the contact entry and select Open Contact from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the call record, uncheck the Future Appointment checkbox and complete any other required information including the product details.