Reassign a meeting to another employee (change the meeting owner)

Occasionally meetings may need to be transferred to another employee that works the same area.

Only the meeting owner can transfer a meeting and the person receiving the meeting must be at the same employee level as the owner, i.e. a subordinate cannot transfer a meeting to a manager.

  1. Open the meeting and next to the meeting owner’s name click the Transfer button
  2. The Reassign window will open
  3. Reassign to: Select from the drop-down options
  4. Budget: Select from the drop-down options
  5. Click the Reassign Meeting button
  6. The meeting will transfer to your colleague and will be removed from your meetings list and diary.

Leavers should ensure all meetings are completed or transferred before their termination date.

The meeting status can be Created, Submitted or Authorised. Closed or Declined meetings cannot be transferred.