Record a customer contact

Contacts can be recorded in advance or retrospectively

Tap Record Contact on the home page to open the contact screen which contains the same fields as the online version of actisCRM.

offline contact1

Tap Select Customer to open the customer list which will contain all customers for the downloaded geography(s).

offline contact2

Tap in the search bar to open the keyboard and begin typing the customer name OR click the index letter to search by last name. 

The list will change to show suitable results.

Alternatively scroll through the list until the correct customer is found.

Tap Select to add the customer to the contact record.

Work through as much as possible of the requested information on the record:

Contact Date: Tap the field to launch the data selector and scroll through the days, months and years until the correct date is reached.

offline date selector

Contact Time: Tap the hours and minutes fields and select the start time for the call.

Contact Type: Tap the field and select from the drop-down options.

Duration: Type the number of minutes spent in the call – whole numbers only, e.g. 60 is one hour, 75 is one and a quarter hours.

Accompanied by: Select from the drop-down options.

Pre-Call Objective: Tap in the field to open the keyboard. Type the reason for the call.

Notes/Confidential Notes: Tap in the field to open the keyboard. Type any notes that result from the call.

Next Call Objective: Tap in the field to open the keyboard. Type the objective for the next call.

Draft: Tap the checkbox at any time to save the record as a draft. The record can be completed and saved again later.

Product Details: Tap Add to open the Product form. Tap the fields to select information about the products detailed during the call from the drop-down options.

offline select product

Tap Save ensuring any mandatory fields have been completed.
The product will be added to the list at the bottom of the contact record.

offline product details
  • Tap Add again to included further products.
  • Tap Edit to change the product information.
  • Tap Delete to remove the product from the list.

Depending on the system set-up there may be additional information tabs. It is often easier to complete that information whilst the record is open, or it can be completed by reopening the record in the online live version of actisCRM and finalising the call there before closing the week.

Tap Save at the top of the screen to save the contact record.