Recording a customer call

Record a customer call or appointment and add it to the diary

Record the call details

  1. Find and open the customer record
  2. From the actions tab click Record Customer Contact
  3. The Contact Record (General) will load. The contact record is clearly divided into sections which ask questions:
  4. Complete the form with as much detail as possible. Note that some fields are marked with an asterisk which indicates that they are mandatory
  5. Click the Save button to save the contact record. The call will be added to the diary

Who’s making the call?

Owner/Employee: Depending on your set-up this is greyed out or populated with your name.
Accompanied By: Select from the drop-down options.

Who are you going to see?

Customer: Pre-filled with the customer you selected from the customer list.
Location: Completed automatically with contact’s location. Select an alternative location from the drop-down options if required.
Department: Completed automatically with contact’s department if known.

When will it be held?

Contact Start Time: The scheduled start time for the call.
Contact End Time: The scheduled finish time for the call.
Duration: Calculated automatically based on call start and finish time.
All Day Options: Tick the relevant checkbox for complete morning, afternoon or day meetings. These options assume a morning is from 8am – 1pm, and afternoon from 1pm – 6pm and a day from 8am – 6pm. The times can be adjusted if necessary.

What type of call is it?

Contact Type: Select from drop-down options.

Precall Planning

Pre Call Objective: Click in the field and type the objective for the call.
Future Appointment: The checkbox will be ticked automatically if a call date and start time in the future has been selected.
Confirmed Appointment: Tick the checkbox once the call is confirmed.

Results and outcomes

Notes: Click in the field and type any notes about the call.
Confidential Notes: Click in the field and type any notes about the call. Confidential notes can only be seen by members of the same team.
Next Objective: Click in the field and type the objective for the call. This objective will appear in the pre-call notes field the next time the customer is contacted.

System data

Active: Checkbox should be ticked. Untick this checkbox to remove (delete) the call from your diary and reports.

Product Details

Manage Products: Click the Manage Products button and select the products in the order they were detailed. Add further details as necessary, i.e. adoption pathway and/or objections

Record additional information

Further information about the call may be added via the options on the Navigation tab. Some or all of the options may be available.

Contact Information: Information about the call specific to your organisation. Select from the drop-down fields.

Attachments: Upload relevant documentation

  • Click the Attach File button
  • Browse your computer to locate the consent evidence document
  • Click the Upload File button
  • The document will appear in the attachments list and will be saved to our server.

More: Records bootstock information.

  • Click the Add button and complete the short form that appears.
  • Click the Insert button to add the information to the call record.

Samples: Click the Add Sample button and complete the short form that appears. Note that samples are more usually managed via the actisCRM offline app.

Click the Save & Exit button to save and complete the contact record.

Important: If the call is not confirmed, i.e. a planned speculative call, it will need to be confirmed before Close Week is finalised so that it is included in reporting.