Recording multiple customer calls

Record separate calls on several different customers where the information is mostly the same. The customers must already be saved to the Call to Action (CTA) list.

  1. Open the Call to Action list from the link on the header bar or from My Data, Call to Action List on the main menu
  2. Ctrl + Click to on the relevant rows to select the customers you wish to record calls against
  3. Click the Record Contacts action
  4. The Actions tab displays the selected names and warns you that the customer will be removed from the CTA list when the call is saved
  5. Untick the Remove customers from CTA list if you do not wish the customer to be removed from the list
  6. Complete the contact record with the relevant details
  7. Click the Save & Next button on the ribbon to move to the next customer. The call record will be copied.
  8. Edit the call record appropriately for the active customer
  9. Continue working through the list until the last customer call has been completed
  10. Click the Save and Exit button to save the last contact record