Reopen an employee’s closed week

A week may need to be re-opened if activity has not been recorded or if amendments need to be made to recorded activity.

  1. At the top of the header bar, click the View As link
  2. In the drop-down list click the name of the employee you wish to see
    View as
  3. From the menu bar select Activity, Diary
  4. The employee’s diary will open
  5. Navigate to the correct week and click the Close Week Commencing: dd mmm yyyy action
  6. The Close Week screen will open
    Reopen week
  7. Click the Set Provisional Action and the indicators next to each day in the list will turn from green to yellow.
  8. Click the Save and Exit button to confirm your changes and return to the diary.
    You will see that the close week indicators on the dairy are no long struck-through