Reopen and edit a closed meeting

Whether meetings can be reopened depends on your set-up and how your calls are recorded for reporting.

If your system set-up allows you to re-open the meeting yourself:

  1. Open the meeting
  2. Click the Re-open Meeting action

If your system set-up does not allow you to reopen the meeting yourself, you will need to to ask you manager to re-open the meeting for you.

The meeting status will change to Re-opened and can be edited before you close it again.

Important: Re-opening and editing a closed meeting record can affect call rates and reporting, For this reason, it’s best avoided.

Editing a re-opened meeting

  1. Open the meeting
  2. Amend any of the fields on any of the meeting pages except for the date, time and products.
  3. Click the Close action once you’re sure all details are correct

Important: Do not edit the estimated cost. Doing so means the meeting must go through the authorisation process again. There should never be a need to edit the estimated cost after the meeting has been approved as your actual costs can exceed the estimate.