Reports overview

Reports analyse and present the information contained within the database in either data or graph format

All systems include the following reports:

  • Activity
  • Coverage and Frequency
  • Employee Administration

Reports is accessed from either the large button on the home page
from Analysis on the menu bar

The reports can usually be run by anyone but will be limited to the dataset available to the user. A representative, for example, will only be able to run reports relevant to his or her territory whereas a head office user will be able to run reports on national data.

The Reports List is divided into different sections. Depending on the system set-up some or all the reports may be available.

Reports tab

Each report is a link. Click on the Report button next to the text, or click on the report name itself to open the report.
Each report works on a specific data set and data can be analysed in different ways to best meet your needs.