Search for inactive customers

Customers can be made inactive in CRM for a variety of reasons. Just because you can’t find them in the search lists, doesn’t mean that you can’t find them at all.

  1. Open Data Explorer and click on the Customers icon
  2. In the Your Customers box, click the down-arrow button to open the advanced options
  3. Towards the bottom of the advanced options box, tick the Include Inactive Customers checkbox
  4. Click the OK button to start the search
  5. Now search by Inactive which can be found in the Categorisation section
  6. Click the OK button to carry out the search
  7. The number that appears represents all the inactive customers in your territory
  8. Click on the number to display the list of inactive customers
  9. The list can be sorted and filtered as required
  • Double-click any customer name to open their record
  • Make any changes required and, if necessary, complete any details required for third-party validation.
  • Tick the Active checkbox to reactive the customer record
  • Click the Save & Exit button to return to the list of inactive customers

Important: Inactive customers will not be displayed in the quick-search or advanced search lists. The customer must be made active before they appear in lists and can be included in calls and meetings.