Sharing budgets

Sharing budgets becomes important when:

  • Off-territory meetings are held
  • Meetings are shared between employees that cover more than one area
  • You use a central rather than a local budget for certain types of meetings
  • Budgets need to be limited to a team or an employee or a specific sub-territory

A shared budget must be created at the structural level above which it is to be shared, e.g. in the example below, if you wanted to share a budget between territories 1.1 and 1.2, the budget would need to be created for Business Unit 1.

Budget structure
  1. From the menu select Meetings, Budgets and click New Budget on the Actions tab
  2. Complete the Budget Definition fields appropriately
  3. Complete the Budget Value field
  4. Tick the Shared checkbox – this ensures the budget is available to all members of Business Unit 1
    Budget share
  5. Click the Save button

Limit the budget to a single person for off-territory meetings

Once the budget has been set-up and shared correctly, it can be limited to a single employee within the Business Unit. This employee will be able to use the budget for meetings held anywhere within the Business Unit’s region.

  1. Open the budget, click the Employee field and select the employee name from the drop-down options.
  2. The employee’s initials will be added to the budget’s name to indicate that the budget is for one user only.
  3. Click the Save and Exit button to close the budget.

Important: A shared budget can only be tracked by employees at the structural level it is created, i.e. in the example above, the manager of Business Unit 1 would be able to track the budget, but the employee that uses the budget would not.