Submit a meeting

Once the details have been added and the costs and attendees estimated, the meeting must be submitted for approval.

Open the meeting and check all required details have been completed on the General and Costs pages

Click Submit Meeting on the Actions tab

The record will save automatically and the meeting status will change to submitted.

If the meeting costs are estimated under a certain value, then the meeting with be auto-authorised and the status will change to authorised.

If the meeting costs are estimated over a certain value, then the meeting will remain in the submitted status until your manager has approved it.

If you wish to make further changes to the meeting details, estimated costs or estimated number of attendees at this stage, click Withdraw Meeting on the Actions tab. The meeting status will return to created. Edit the meeting and submit again for authorisation.

Important: You may need to remind your manager to authorise the meeting in order for you to complete and close the record.