Target lists

The easiest way to create a list of target customers is using quick search and a filter. If you need to apply more search criteria, i.e. all target customers in a certain area, then use Data Explorer.

  1. Ensure the quick search is set to customers and click the Go button
  2. Click the down arrow on the list header and switch to the Customer-Extended list. This adds more columns to the list displaying target, last contact information and any third-party IDs
  3. Click the filter button and in the box that appears select the column from the list that the filter will be applied to. The example below shows Target, but your column could be called something different.
  4. In the search box type the beginning of the target value name. The target value is the name given to the target options shown on the customer record, e.g. you may have Gold, Silver and Bronze targets in which case typing a G in the search field would return a list of gold target customers.
  5. Click OK to perform the filter
  6. The list of your target customers can now be exported to Excel, exported as a pdf for printing or added to the Call to Action list if required – click the Add all Items to CTA List action.

Your target list will be colour coded:

  • Pink: Seen within the last month
  • Blue: Seen within the last two months
  • Red: Not seen for at least two months