The customer record

Customer records store information about people. General customer details may be pre-populated from a third-party data source or directly by company employees.

Customer summary

Accessing a customer record from anywhere in actisCRM will open the Customer Summary.

Customer Summary

The summary provides basic contact details; name, address, phone number, and any target information held in the system.

  • Record contacts (calls) with the customer using the links on the Actions tab
  • Click the Address link to open the location record

The system data at the bottom of the record displays information about who created the customer record and when, and who last modified the customer record and when.

Customer Navigation

Further information about the customer can be found from the Navigation tab. Some or all the options may be available depending on your system set-up.

Customer Navigation

General: Information about the customer to do with their role, and useful notes that can help with calls and meetings and that will help build a relationship going forward.

More: Information referencing third-party information.

Customer Information: Information specific to your organisation.

Location: Information and actions regarding the contact’s working location.

History: Shows a list of all meetings and calls with the customer. Select any item and click the Open Record Card button to open the contact or meeting record.

Future: Shows a list of all planned meetings or calls with the customer. Select any item and click the Open Record Card button to open the contact or meeting record.

Adoption Pathway: Graphical display of information collected from the customer call records.

Attachments: Upload and view any previously uploaded documents relevant to the customer.

Data Validation: Opens a list of validation changes to third-party data relevant to the customer.

Samples: Opens a list of samples given to the customer. The list populates as a result of customer call records or the actisCRM offline app. Select an item from the list and click the Open Record button to view the samples record.

Payments: Details any agreements for payments to the customer, and payments made via meeting records.

Marketing & Access: Record contact consent information for General Data Protection Regulation compliance including third-party permissions where applicable.