The location record

Location records store information about places. General location details may be pre-populated from a third-party data source or directly by company employees.

Location Summary

Accessing a location record from anywhere in actisCRM will open the Location Summary.


The summary provides basic contact details; address, phone number, and any target information held in the system.

The system data at the bottom of the record displays information about who created the location record and when, and who last modified the location record and when.

Location actions

Get Map by Address: Open Google Maps at the correct location

Book Meetings: Book a meeting at the location: For more information see actisCRM Meetings

Record Contact/Record Future Contact: Record contacts (calls) at the location. Click here for more information about recording calls

Add Customer: Opens a blank Customer (General) screen which should be completed with as much information as possible. Some fields are mandatory, and the customer details cannot be saved unless these fields are completed.

Location Navigation

Further information about the location can be found from the Navigation tab. Some or all the options may be available depending on your system set-up.

Location Navigation

General: Information about the location name and place

More: Information referencing third-party and communication information

Location Information: Information specific to your organisation

Customers: List of customers based at the location and associated actions

Address: The location’s address

History: Shows a list of all meetings and calls with the customer. Select any item and click the Open Record Card button to open the contact or meeting record

Future: Shows a list of all planned meetings or calls with the customer. Select any item and click the Open Record Card button to open the contact or meeting record

Location Links: Third-party data links for the location

LBS Sales (Location Based Sales): Reports third-party product sales data to the location

Meetings: a record of all meetings held at the location

Attachments: Upload and view any previously uploaded documents relevant to the customer

Data Validation: Opens a list of validation changes to third-party data relevant to the customer

Payments: Details any agreements for payments to the location, and payments made via meeting records.