The Workflow Task List

The Workflow Task list contains details of all of the calls and meetings you’ve carried out in Agnitio. The synchronisation process has set-up either a call or meeting record in actisCRM in draft format. These records contain the all the known details about the calls, i.e. the start and finish date and time, the customer and location details, and, although you can’t see it yet, the details of the presentations used during the call.

Workflow task list

Carry out actions and change the list view from the sidebar

Workflow actions

Open Task: Opens the contact or meeting record ready for completion
Cancel Task:

Change the list view with the Parameters:

Task Status: Select from the drop-down lists to view Incomplete Tasks (tasks that require your input), Completed Tasks or All Tasks

Display Tasks for: Select from the drop-down list to view tasks created by anyone, myself only, myself and my subordinates or my subordinates only. This list of available options will change depending on authorisation levels.

The default list parameters are set to show only incomplete tasks (contacts or meetings requiring additional information) for me or my subordinates. This means that a manager will see incomplete activity for their team, whilst a user will see just their own activity.

The Workflow Task List contains the following information:

Workflow task list2

Owner: The actisCRM user that carried out the call or meeting

Type: Indicates the action required

  • Update Agnitio contact – add required information to the contact record
  • Update and Submit Agnitio meeting – add required information to the meeting record, check and submit for authorisation
  • Submit meeting – there is enough information from Agnitio for the meeting to be checked and submitted for authorisation

Description: the date and time and customer name for a 1-2-1 contact or date and time for a remote meeting


  • Pending: The workflow tasks requires your action
  • Completed – Success: The workflow action has been completed successfully
  • Completed – Failed: the meeting has been imported with no customers. This could happen if you’ve asked unnamed attendees to access a call or meeting using just the Agnitio link.
  • Cancelled: the call was cancelled. This could happen when the call was launched in Agnitio but was terminated as customer did not connect.

Important: Cancelled tasks are not removed from the system, but can be found in the completed task list

Created: the workflow task creation date

Modified: the last time the record was updated


  • Success
  • Cancelled
  • Deleted: applies to meetings only. Workflow task has been completed, but then meeting has been deleted from the meeting record itself.