Track your budget spend

Use the budgets list to track your spend against budget and easily see how much is left.

  1. From the menu select Meetings, Budgets
  2. Include or exclude budgets from the list by amending the list parameters on the Actions tab.
  3. The budget list contains top-line information about spend
  4. The first columns contain information about the budget’s territory, year, type and name. You can also see if the budget is shared with another sub-territory, team or employee.
  5. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the list to view the final columns which detail the amounts spent and what’s left over

Budget: The total budget available for the budget period (usually annual, but could be different in your organisation)
Committed: Estimated expenditure for meetings that have no costs or payments made against them yet.
Meeting Count: The number of meetings that have used the budget
Spent: The total of all costs and payments made from this budget
Budget Less (Committed + Spent): The amount of budget left after all costs and payments and all estimated expenditure against open meetings (with no costs or payments yet) has been deducted
Budget Less Spent: The amount of budget left after all costs and payments have been deducted
Attendees: Total number of attendees at all meetings that have used the budget
Cost per Head: Total amount spent divided by the total number of attendees