Track your validation requests

All the amendments you’ve made to third party data are recorded in actisCRM, so you can easily track your requests.

The validation request list should be reviewed and maintained regularly so that you are aware of feedback and so that you can provide any further information requested by the third party to help them validate your changes.

Binleys list
  • Employee Name: The actisCRM user requesting the change
  • Change Date: The date the change was made in actisCRM
  • Type of Change: Indicates whether the change is to a customer or location record and the type of change, i.e. add/delete/change customer or location, set a new primary or working location, etc.
  • Original Name: The customer or location name
  • New Name: The customer or location’s new name. This column is only used when a name change has been requested
  • Comment: Any comment added when the validation request was sent

The following columns will be completed by your data provider

  • Status: Whether the validation request was accepted or rejected
  • Reason: The reason a request was rejected
  • Notes: Further information about how Binley’s arrived at their decision

Depending on your role, you may be able to see only your own validation requests, or those made by your team.