Transfer future appointments to another employee

All confirmed appointments and/or meetings can be transferred from one employee to another from a specific date. This is useful when an employee is leaving as their calls can be moved directly to their replacement’s diary.

Important: This action moves all items of that type from one employee’s diary to another. You cannot choose to just move selected appointments or selected meetings

  1. From the menu select Administration, Employee Administration
  2. Use the search function at the top of the hierarchy tree to find the employee name
  3. Click to select the employee
  4. Click the Transfer Data action
  5. In the Transfer Employee’s Data window, click the Calendar button to select the date you which to transfer from. All calls before this date will remain where they are.
  6. In the Meeting transfer section, click the down-arrow and select the name of the employee you will be transferring the meetings to.
  7. Click the transfer button and the meetings will transfer. The button will grey out and a tick will appear to let you know that the transfer is complete.
    Transfer data1
  8. Follow the same process to transfer appointments.
  9. Click the Close button to close the window

Important: There is no undo function for this action so check that you have selected the correct employee before you click the transfer button.